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Workshop and Seminars

Year Article
2018 Insight of Clothing Manufacturing
2018 Visit to Textile Exhibition of Renowned Designers and Brands
2018 Live Sketching at Cubbon Park
2018 Fashion Workshop from House of Bazaar
2018 Fun Workshop for Faculties
2018 An Educational Trip to DakshinaChitra
2018 Advertising Workshop - Creating Advertising Campaign
2018 Collage Making - Workshop
2018 Trip to Channapatna – Toy Factory Visit
2017 Game Design Workshop
2017 Workshop on User Interface & User Experience Design
2017 Workshop on Unity
2017 Industrial Visit and Trip for ICAT Gaming Students
2017 ‘Game Art’ Workshop
2017 Workshop on Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality
2017 Workshop on 'VR, AR, MR and More'
2017 "Fashion Photography" Workshop
2017 Workshop on 'Typography in Design'
2017 Workshop on ‘Unity’
2017 Workshop on ‘UI/UX Design’
2017 Industrial Visit to TechTree IT Systems
2016 Game Designing Workshop - ICAT Chennai
2016 2D Game Art Workshop - ICAT Chennai
2016 “Fashion Photography” Workshop
2016 “Documentary Photography” – A Professional Insight for ICATians
2016 “Product Photography” Workshop at ICAT, Bangalore
2016 Workshop on “Fashion Photography & Studio Lighting”
2016 Animation & Game Students Visit Technicolor
2016 Street Photography - Workshop
2016 A Peek into the History of Photography
2016 ICAT Animation Students Visit Mysore Palace
2016 ICAT Animation Students Visit Indian Institute of Cartoonists
2016 Workshop on Cinematography & Direction
2016 Workshop on Unity Lighting at ICAT Hyderabad
2016 ‘UI/UX’ Seminar from Industry Professional
2016 Workshop on Travel Photography
2015 Broadcasting and Sound Recording’ Workshop
2015 Industry Visit to Shruthika Entertainment
2015 ICAT Animation Students Took Part in ABAI’s Claymation Workshop
2015 Outdoor Sketching at 7 Tombs
2015 “Product Photography” Workshop from Industry Professionals
2015 Fashion Students’ Industrial Visit to Tiruppur
2015 Two-Day Fashion Photography Workshop at ICAT, Chennai
2015 Glass Sculpting Workshop at ICAT, Chennai
2014 Film Making Seminar from the Father of Malaysian Animation
2014 Photography Tour to Varanasi
2014 Real-Time Design Training at Channapatna
2014 Visit to Indian Foreign Language University
2014 Study Tour to Hampi
2014 NASSCOM Game Developer Conference - 2014
2014 Kirigami Workshop at ICAT
2014 Film Making Workshop at ICAT
2014 Seminar on Understanding Typography by Prof. Vinay Saynekar
2014 Fashion Design & Communication Department went Industrial Visit to Tiruppur
2014 Workshop on Creative Thinking, Designing and Prototyping for Games - Bangalore
2014 Game Carnival By L4 Students Of Icat - Hyderabad
2014 Workshop on DirectX 11 - Chennai
2014 Seminar on Communication Design by Mrs.Dhanya Gokul - Chennai
2014 Fashion Design Department went Industrial Visit to Kanchivaram
2014 Workshop on VFX Compositing by Mr.Ganesh Shankar - Chennai
2014 Voteathon Quiz - Bangalore
2014 World Film’s Day Celebrations On April 11, 2014 At ICAT - Hyderabad
2014 Fashion Photography / Advanced Studio Lighting Workshop - Chennai
2014 Cocos2D-X Workshop - Chennai
2014 "Writing and Designing for Web and Interactive Media" and "Idea Generation-Brief to Production" - Bangalore
2014 Fashion Photography Workshop by Ms. Shamshad Khan - Bangalore
2014 Workshop On Pottery - Chennai
2014 Placement Orientation Program by VFX Producer, Asmita Madhu - Chennai
2014 Workshop on ‘Idea Generation & Typography’ by Mr.Rohit Banka - Chennai
2014 L4 Students Visit Film Production Studio On April 2nd, 2014 - Hyderabad
2014 Visit to EFL Television Studio on March 26th by students of ICAT - Hyderabad
2014 Placement Orientation Program for Game Students - Chennai
2014 Exploring the Creative Journey Workshop by Mr. Clive Hickinbottom from UK - Chennai
2014 Seminar on Game Programming at ICAT - Chennai
2014 'Cocos2D-X' - Mobile Gaming Workshop by Mr.Siddarth Shekar at ICAT - Bangalore
2014 Studio Lighting - Workshop by Mr. J.Prem Shankar at ICAT - Chennai
2014 Unity 3D workshop from Rocksalt Games followed by an Industrial Visit -Hyderabad
2014 Creative Thinking Workshop by Professor Aftab Gharda and Professor Bobbie Jones from UK - Bangalore
2014 Creative Thinking Workshop by Professor Aftab Gharda and Professor Bobbie Jones from UK - Chennai
2014 Creative Ideas in Photography by Robert Gibbs from Birmingham City University - Chennai
2014 Structure & Forms by Richard Snell from Birmingham City University - Chennai
2013 Seminar by CEO of Leongame Company at ICAT Hyderabad
2013 Unity 3D Workshop
2013 Workshop on Visual Effects Camera Tracking by ICAT Alumni's
2013 Game Mathematics & DirectX 3D Workshop at Chennai
2013 UDK Workshop - Bangalore
2013 ACTING WORKSHOP - Bangalore
2013 'Surrounded 2' - Technical Forum by Dolby
2013 IOS Workshop
2013 Workshop on Digital Photography - Post processing
2013 Seminar on Cinematography by Mr. Sukumar
2013 From Design Pro to Ad Pro by Mr P.Thomas
2012 Making of Maatraan Seminar - Bangalore
2012 Making of Movie - Pizza
2012 Digital juice Visits ICAT Campus, Bangalore
2012 Making of Maatraan Seminar - Chennai
2012 Seminar by Mr. Barrie M. Osborne and Mr. Madhusudhanan
2012 Theater work shop
2012 Puppet Show
2011 Max Howard visits ICAT
2011 The Art of Sound Design
2011 David Freeman Workshop
2011 Acting for Animators - Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore
2011 Workshop on Facial expression
2011 Crowd Simulation
2011 Seminar on Acting - 6th Jan 2011
2011 Seminar By Rhythm & Hues on 2011
2011 Crowd Simulation Seminar by Mr Oliver Shyal Beardsleyp
2010 Journey in Game Designing
2009 Theatre workshop by Evam
2009 Effective Story Telling in Movies & Animation
2008 Hollywood Giant Dreamworks defines International Quality in Student Animation
2008 Seminar by "King Kong" maker Christian Rivers
2008 Dreamworks visits ICAT
2008 Seminar on Gaming at ICAT
2007 Live Visual FX in Mythological (Vittalacharya) Movies