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    Vasantharajan, Visual Effects

    When I graduated from Visual Communication, I was satisfied that the course was enjoyable. But I felt to be one among the herd and didn't have an identity for my talent. I wanted to join a course that could educate me on my thirst for Live action and Computer graphics, and that's how I got into ICAT.

    Our college trained us in extra skills of film making, which one would not realize to be important until entering a production house and bringing technicians from the film world. All these made most of us learn the practical aspects of producing a world class movie in terms of quality. I still maintain excellent rapport with my college and I remember the days spent there... colourful in my mind...

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    Shakthivel, Visual Effects

    "I started my career in Interior Design and then moved to 2D Animation. But finally, I quit my job and joined ICAT to learn VFX as I could sense the huge scope for VFX and Animation professionals. It was a tough decision to make, as my father initially objected to quit and study full time at ICAT. But once I made him understood the scope, the decision was easy. I certainly suggest the need for doing full-time program, as there is ample time for understanding the foundation thoroughly, which is a boon at work place."

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    Shyamchand, Visual Effects

    "The best thing in life is to make one's passion as Profession. I did exactly the same by choosing my passion for Graphics, which made me specialize in Visual FX. Before coming to ICAT, I had knowledge on video editing, but I understood VFX had more challenges thereby giving a bigger career. At ICAT, we learnt from professionals (Guest Lecturers), which can't match any other training."

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    Sandesh, Visual Effects

    I am an energetic person, a real self-starter. What I mean by self-starter is that I've loved being independent and taking on new projects and developing fresh ideas. Unlike other careers, VFX is fun. It really depends on where you work & how. I have my own imagination, which can be brought to life through VFX. Learning at ICAT was a great experience with loads of fun.

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    Lakshmanan, Visual Effects

    Software never impressed me even though I had an average of 78% in B.E. I am not repenting that thought after 3 years of industry experience. I am now working for EFX Magic in Motion, a Division of Prasad Corporation, as a Compositor (Digital Artist). I have also been for movie shooting coordination.

    I was one of the Visual Effects Supervisors for the Malayalam movie, Athisayan. ICAT gave me the perfect environment to learn what's required to be a Compositor. They were very helpful and organized. They always tried to get people placed in better companies. And so we did.