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15 Reasons why PG Diploma in Animation @ ICAT College is the most preferred Program among Graduates

  • ICAT College is the first choice of Top Animation companies for campus recruitment: ICAT College is a pioneer in teaching professional Animation program since 2004 and it is the only institution in the country that has a track record of producing 1000 plus alumni in Animation. As several of its alumni are holding leading positions in the top companies, the positive word of mouth about ICAT’s alumni among employers is extremely high. Every top company in the country would have 20-30 ICAT alumni working for them. All these have created a formidable leadership position for ICAT College when it comes to Animation.
  • Placement-driven program: As a placement-driven program, it aims to satisfy the manpower requirements of Animation companies who require huge number of skilled professionals from time to time. By selecting the right students who are passionate to become Animation professionals and guiding them in the right path, the objective is successfully accomplished year on year.
  • Industry-oriented training: The entire Animation industry does not have the same standards of requirements. While companies that work on Hollywood films call for a different set of skill sets and companies that work on Advertisements or Television production or Architectural walk-throughs require an entirely different set of requirements. ICAT College identifies such requirements from time to time and accordingly fine tunes its content, curriculum and training methodologies, in order to stay tuned with the industry’s technical requirements. As today’s employers have started expecting skill-specific showreel, it is important to understand that ICAT College is one of the fewest players in the country that trains students on industry-specific skills. This is one of the reasons why Global giants like MPC, Technicolor who normally do not recruit freshers from any institution, recruit ICAT students.
  • No:1 rated Design & Media College: ICAT was rated by AC Nielsen as the No:1 Design & Media college to study creative courses as part of a survey conducted among employers, professionals and students on the Top 20 careers aspired by Indian students.
  • First to start a professional course in Animation: Till 2004, the creative courses taught in India were short-term Multimedia courses. ICAT College was the first to identify the need to differentiate content and training methodology for Animation, which is a separate specialization by itself. The PG Diploma in Animation in 2004 thus became the first professional program, which was created to produce world class Animators.
  • Successful alumni working in world’s leading Animation & VFX companies – ICAT’s alumni are working in the world’s best companies like ILM (Industrial Light & Magic, Singapore), Framestore (UK), Tai Studios (Malaysia), Technicolor (India) etc.
  • Unmatched placement track record in the most reputed companies - ICAT’s campus placement record is unmatched by any college / institute in Animation in India. Some of the top campus recruiters are MPC, Prana studios, Futureworks, Technicolor, DQ Entertainment Ltd, Tata Elxsi and 50 plus other companies.
  • International projects and other prestigious works by our students: ICAT’s thousand plus students over the last twelve plus years have worked in prestigious international projects like The Golden Compass (Oscar Winner), The Life of Pi (Oscar Winner), Gravity, Spiderman 2, Alice in Wonderland, The maleficient, The exodus Gods & Kings, The independence day, Captain America, The wolf of Wall Street, Narnia, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Jungle Book, Ghost Busters, Fantastic Beats and more than 100 Hollywood films.
  • Professional courses: ICAT revolutionized Digital Media education in India by introducing specialized Courses in 2004. Unlike training institutes that provide admissions to even school drop outs & non-graduates, ICAT clearly differentiates itself by providing admissions only to Graduates or students who are in their Final Year of Graduation. This is one of the important reasons why the college, since inception till date, has continued to attract Graduates from all parts of the country. The course starts from the fundamentals and moves on gradually to make a student get hands-on-experience in learning the professional Animation techniques used in the industry.
  • Exhaustive & industry-expected Content developed by an in-house R & D team: A 30-member, highly knowledgeable R & D team comprising academicians with over 10 years of experience in the fields of Animation, Visual FX, Art & Design, Communication Design, Web Development, Information Technology, Game Art, Game Design, Game Programming, Multimedia, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, UI & UX Design & Development, Advertising, Graphic Design, Multimedia, Marketing, and Human Resource Development, design the content and curriculum by closely coordinating with the leading employers and campus recruiters of the respective industries, in order to satisfy the industry needs on skilled manpower.
  • Experienced faculty & guest lecturers: ICAT’s Animation department includes teaching staff with over 15 years of production and teaching experience. Apart from the permanent teaching staff, world-renowned professionals from India and abroad share their knowledge with our students through guest lectures. Oscar winners: Tim Mcgovern, Christian Rivers and Peter Chiang have visited the college and have played a motivational role in the careers of many of ICAT’s Animation students.
  • An Exclusive Design & Media College: With ICAT, you get a unique advantage of studying in a dedicated Design & Media College, where you get the exposure to various other interdependent fields of Animation like Design, Art, Photography, VFX, Painting, Film making, Clay Modeling, Sand Sculpting, Acting for Animation, etc to acquire a broader view and finest skills. ICAT is the only place housing vast specialized departments of digital media, which is not available anywhere else in India.
  • Campuses at Strategic Cosmopolitan Locations: Situated at the best locations in the country: Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad that house many of the top Animation companies and boast to hold a strong media & entertainment culture. All the 3 cities also have phenomenal opportunities in the fields of Design, Media, Entertainment, Fine Arts, IT, ITES etc. Though all the campuses are in South India, 40% of the ICAT students hail from other parts of the country proving ICAT as the first choice for students throughout India.
  • Pioneer & Managed by Experienced Corporate: ICAT College is managed and administered by Image Infotainment Ltd, which is a pioneer in starting a full-time Media College and pioneer in introducing full-time education in Digital Media (the PG Diploma Programs of ICAT COLLEGE). ISO Certified: ICAT is the first Media College in India to obtain ISO 9001:2008 Certification. Today, Image Infotainment Ltd. is one of the fewest Digital Media Companies in India with over 20 years of experience.
  • Value for money: The Cost Per Hour of Training is as low as Rs. 166, considering the 1000 plus hours of training and excluding the additional lab hours, guest lectures, access to library, project work etc. When we compare it with institutes, where the per hour cost is Rs. 300 to 400, ICAT teaches 2 and a half times more content than a part-time institute but charges lesser fee.

PG Diploma – A Landmark Course for Graduates in India

ICAT’s PG Diploma is the first choice among aspiring Graduates in India who want to specialize in one of the many Creative Careers offering wide opportunities, both in India and abroad. Launched in 2004, the PG Diploma program at ICAT is a landmark Course in the history of Indian Digital Media Education, by being the First Full-Time, Specialized Program in the Country. It was conceived exclusively for the highly aspiring and passionate youngsters across India who wanted to make their Passion as Profession. Today ICAT being the most experienced Design & Media College in India with over a Decade of Experience, continues to offer its successful flagship program that has changed the lives of thousands of Graduates in fields like UI and UX Design, UI and UX Development, Game Programming, Game Design, Game Art, 2D and 3D Animation, Visual FX, Advertising, Multimedia Technologies, Web Design and Web Development, Graphic Design, Interior Design etc.

Whether you are a Final Year Student doing your Under Graduation in any stream (or) an employed or unemployed graduate (or) into self-employment, ICAT’s intensive program with Placement Assurance will perfectly suit your career aspirations if you want to see yourself working for an MNC or one of India’s Top 100 Companies in Design & Media.

For Whom (Eligibility)

  • Fresh Graduates from any stream, who will be completing their Final Year Under Graduation Course in 2017
  • Unemployed Graduates
  • Those who have completed part-time Certificate/Diploma/Degree courses from institutes (both branded/famous and non-branded institutes), in fields like Multimedia, Animation, Game Design, Web & Graphic Design, or Interior Design and looking for an intensive specialization with superior placement
  • Employed Graduates / Post Graduates working in a different industry but has a burning desire to shift their career to one of the Creative industries
  • Fine Arts, Visual Communication & Media Graduates looking for a perfect finishing program to specialize on industry-relevant skills that will enable them to get a superior placement
  • B.E / B.Tech and other Bachelor's Degree of Computer Science who are keen to utilize their technology and programming skills to get into the most lucrative segments like Game Programming (OR) UI Design & Development