2D Game Art Workshop - ICAT Chennai

Mr.Raghu - 2D Game Artist from Qunero came here to gave a very useful workshop about 2D Game Art. He is a Lead 2D animator and concept artist.

The Students from L4,L5 and PG of Game Design & Art department of our college were attending the wonderful workshop and gained experience. Mr.Raghu gave some introduction about him and ask about what the students are working on currently. Then, he explained about 2D work pipeline in industry: Rough Sketch, Shaping, Base Coloring, Detail Coloring, Ambient occlusion and Lighting. Students practically worked on the pipeline and finished the 2D works with him. He then explained about the creation of UI elements for the game like buttons, time bar and health bar. Students created several buttons with his guidance and help. He also taught the students about how we could create 3D view-able Game title in 2D. While he is explaining, students observed it and implement it on their a title for their own games. He then taught the students about how to draw props like house, stairs, windows and broken platforms in 2D art. Finally, he also explained about the sprite sheet creation, animating the sprites and background creation.

At the end of session Mr.Raghu gave several advice to the students about the usage of software. He also advised the students to learn at least one vector based art tool and one rationalized tool. A feedback session were also conducted in which the students asked many questions about the 2D and gain knowledge from Mr.Raghu.

Student's Feedback:

"The seminar was very interesting. It helped me to develop his skills in 2D art" Akash Ramesh, L4

"Mr.Raghu clearly conveyed the process of 2D game art and i learned how to create the UI, Sprite sheet on this workshop."Suresh, L5

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