Game Carnival at Jalvihar (Theme Park), Hyderabad on 14 June, 2014

"Life is more fun if you play games." - Roald Dahl, My Uncle Oswald

Games are brain wired within us ever since we evolved as civilized people. The cavemen devised strategies to survive, hunt and save his people from deadliest surroundings. He took challenges from every aspect of his life. Our lives will not be fun without challenges. That is why we play games. Games challenge each of us in every possible way we could imagine of.

We, the students of ICAT Design & Media College, Hyderabad know exactly how to design challenging games with an appeal to any kind of audience. As part of a module, which we study in our first year, we create games understanding human psychology and game grammar. To test these games with live audience, we conducted a mega event at a Theme park, "JALA VIHAR" at Hyderabad. There we exhibited various types of physical games designed by us. This event attracted nearly 1000 audience from all age groups.

Each game triggered the gamers to depict their memory power concentration, balance and so on. The entire site was filled with interesting emotions and scenarios like a father encouraging his daughter to finish the Gravity Ball level, friends cheering their guy to utilize his final chance to win the customized Golf game, and children showing off their prizes to their parents. A kid surprised her mom by winning the "Minute to Win It" game, which wasn't an easy one.

There were numerous beautiful moments at the carnival that turned the whole atmosphere in to a celebration. We received overwhelming response from the audience, who gave us the opportunity to understand them more closely and seek direct feedback from them.

We would like to thank our college for providing us the platform to learn and explore games from basics. We would also like to thank our seniors, who played a crucial role in organizing the entire show. We believe that ICAT Design & Media College has always strived to provide the best learning experience for the students by conducting various events like the game carnival and it will continue to do so for the best future of the students.

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