Workshop on ‘UI/UX Design’

A workshop on ‘UI/UX Design’, an important part of any Interactive Media, was organized by the department of Game Development, ICAT, Bangalore. The workshop was conducted for seven days, starting from 11th of March, 2017. It was conducted by Mr. Bhoobala Vignesh, a User Experience Specialist of Accenture Ind. Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore. The Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Postgraduate Diploma students of Gaming departments attended the workshop.

Mr. Bhoobala Vignesh explained about the overview of UI/UX, usability principles, design strategy, information architecture, prototype, wireframe, how to improve the usability of a website/design, how to develop a Wire Frame template, Web development, animation basics and so on.

He gave the students a task to perform user centred analysis and develop conceptual design based on their own idea. Later he helped them in understanding how to document the design strategy, which included business goal, target users, general tasks, technology constraints, marketing /branding goals, critical success factor and Key Performance Indicator for their concept. Students were taught PET Design and Visual Design techniques to improve the user experience, with the understanding of Cognitive Science and Heuristic evaluation.

The session helped the students to develop their ideas into designs and their designs into a Website, and make the Website more interactive. They got a clear understanding on how to analyze their audience and how to design keeping user experience in mind. Concepts like usability, art of design and user experience were also discussed. The students got to know the expectation of the industry and how to prepare themselves for the same. They also understood how to make a creative portfolio. The workshop was completely engaged and enjoyable.

Student's Feedback:

"The workshop was very useful as the faculty explained in detail about User Experience, Information Architecture and Wireframes. It was a very knowledgeable session." Teja, PG UID

"The session was awesome and informative. The guidance was great in understanding the subject and also in practicing."Bajio, L5 UID

"It was a good experience with lots of knowledge sharing. More sessions like this will improve the industry experience."Eby, PG UID

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