VFX Dept visits Bannerghatta Biological Park

On 6 September 2018, it was a lovely bright morning when students and faculty of ICAT - VFX department left together for the Bannerghatta Biological Park on the outskirts of Bengaluru for observation study of the flora and fauna in the beautiful park. On reaching the park, the team went on a guided safari where various animals, such as reindeers, elephants, white tigers, Bengal tigers, lions, and bears were spotted in their natural, protected environment. The students were very excited to shoot pictures and delighted to see these animals at such close quarters in the lush greenery.

The overcast sky and absence of harsh sunlight enhanced the experience. After lunch, the team visited the zoo which has an aviary with varied species of birds, monkeys, snakes, reptiles etc. The blue-shelled tortoise, white peacocks, and ostrich were some rare species spotted. The highlight was to see a dancing peacock in full abundance. The students also visited the butterfly garden, which has a very informative museum. All too soon, the visit came to an end and though tired, the team was quite elated to have spent a wonderful day at the biological park.

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