ICAT Animation Students Took Part in ABAI’s Claymation Workshop

The Association of Bangalore Animation Industry (ABAI) conducted a 2-day workshop on ’Claymation’, on 19 and 20 December, 2015. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Vasanth Kumar, an eminent Stop Motion Animator, Illustrator and Concept Artist. ICAT Animation students of L4 & L5 enthusiastically took part in the workshop and learnt some hands-on techniques of producing Claymation films.

The students learnt various aspects of Claymation, such as character designing, armature building, set modeling, stop motion shooting and editing. On the first day, the students had a brief discussion about Stop-Motion, following which they created their own character design by using basic armature wires and thermocol. On the second day, the students were guided to animate the character with set and were introduced to editing techniques as well. The students were very much happy about the experience gained during the workshop.

When an ICAT Animation student shared his experience about the workshop, “though we had learnt some stop-motion techniques in the college, this workshop helped us expand our knowledge to build a character that is stop-motion friendly. It is really inspirational and we are looking forward to implement the skills acquired in the session in the future stop-motion projects.”

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