ICAT Students Act to Replace Trees Uprooted by ‘Vardah’

On 8 March, 2017, ICAT’s year 1 students of Interactive Media participated in a ‘Tree Plantation’program organized by the NGO - Krishnapriya Foundation at Velachery, Chennai, which actively extends its support to make this world a better place to live, love and enjoy. The event was organized honouring the Earth Day.

As the ‘Vardah’ cyclone uprooted around 1 lakh trees around the Chennai city in December 2016, the city has lost one-fourth of its trees, which has a serious impact on the ecosystem. Also, as the trees help in maintaining ground water, a city like Chennai that faces serious water scarcity every year needs more and more trees. On the account of addressing this social issue, our students joined hands with the NGO to plant ‘Pungai’(Millettia pinnata) trees. Together, they planted more than 50 trees around AGS colony, Velachery, Chennai.

The students were excited with the activity as appreciations poured in from the public. They took oath that they will plant more trees in the future and respect the nature.

And so we say, ICAT takes huge responsibility and humble pride in encouraging the social activities that impart civic sense in the students and triggers good change in the society.

Student Feedback

"I participated in the ‘Tree Plantation’ project and would like to thank the Krishnapriya Foundation for the excellent program. We all thoroughly enjoyed the project. We look forward to work more on such type of projects in the future. I wish the guidance and groundwork of the Krishnapriya Foundation all success in the future." Arnab Neogi

"It was a great experience planting trees. All the people in the neighborhood supported us and also appreciated us. We had a great time. Thanks to Krishnapriya Foundation." R. Harish Raj

"I am happy to have planted trees and to have taken my first small step towards saving the nature. The crew guided us well and the colony members were happy to see the volunteers. I wish I am involved in more such activities in the future." Shoaib

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