Animation Day Celebration @ ICAT, Bangalore

International Animation Day celebrations on 6 Nov 2019 at ICAT Design and Image College,Bangalore was a huge success. The event was packed with many of competitions and fun filled activities. Students participated in the various competitions ranging from character designing competition, clay modeling contest, tattoo designing and face painting to cosplay. The students put in abundant energy in organising the function. Students participated in all the events very enthusiastically and hence it was a very vibrant atmosphere created due to contests and students participation. The students showcase their talent to everyone by establishing kiosks. Stalls were ranging from Comic Characters, Superhero characters display, paper cup art, Bottle art and display of artworks by students. After contests completion, prizes were distributed to the winners and everybody enjoyed the experience. Animation day celebration brings forward spirit of togetherness, hard work and enthusiasm in students that was visible in the energy displayed and spirit of the day and how successfully it happened in the campus.