Animation Day Celebrations at ICAT

8 November, 2017, at ICAT started with eager participants pouring in, curious to take part in various events of the day. None got bored while waiting in the long line near the 'steampunk tree' placed at the registration counter, displaying the wide variety of events to choose.

The big steampunk arch at the entrance, warmly welcomed each participants into the zone for the day. Entering the beautiful area, lit with character lamps made with pipes and other everyday materials, was an instant mood lifter and had become selfie corners.

A flock of handmade birds aesthetically covering the ceiling guided the participants to their destination, where the events were being conducted. The whole room was packed with enthusiastic participants enjoying themselves to the fullest, making the whole place come to life.

Starting from character designing, doodling and storytelling to graffiti, just act and much more, there were events for all kinds of talents. The students of the Animation department, who conducted the events, had a great time interacting with the participants and watching them explore their creativity.

As the events neared the end, the department was thrilled to welcome the much-awaited Chief Guest, Mr.Bejoy Arputharaj, CEO of PhantomFX as well as an alumnus of our very own college. It was a delight to listen to his inspiring speech in which he shared his experiences of his career journey. This was followed by a prize distribution ceremony for the winners of the events, putting a cheerful smile on their faces. The day came to an end with a satisfied Animation department, glad that they were able to share their knowledge and skills, making everyone happy.

Student's Feedback:

"I am Sharan Sreekumar and I belong to level 4 of the Animation department.

Our college celebrated Animation Day last month. The celebrations lasted throughout the day. The staff and students worked together for weeks, day and night to make this day successful. Steampunks theme was followed for the event.

Many competitions were held, in which students from different departments and other institutions participated. Character designing, doodling, face painting, graffiti making, quiz and acting were some of the competitions conducted. We also had an interactive session with the chief guest of the day. The whole day was a blast and I am looking forward for next year to celebrate the Animation Day again." Sharan L4

"This is Sivaranjini from L4 Animation. Let me share my views towards the Animation Day (i.e.) skyline 2017. It was quite a fascinating event. From the start of the day, competitions like character designing, face painting, grafitti etc., were conducted and people from other departments participated. Though it was a busy day, we had a lot of fun-filled moments. As steampunk was our theme, we decorated our college with installation, miniatures, models and props for the stage background. And at the end of the day, the chief guest who was our former alumnus gave a very motivational and inspiring speech, followed by prize distribution and a lively DJ." Sivaranjani

"This is Nikhil Anurag from L4 Animation. Animation day was held at our college on 8th of November. It was a good and a successful event. People from different departments and some from other colleges came to take part in the events. Organizing the event with friends was a real fun. Looking at the artworks was visually appealing and gave us a good feeling. Overall, it was an excellent experience and I look forward to organize it next year as well." Nikhil Anurag

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