ATTIC 2K19 : "The Founder's Day Celebration"

"Your HOME tells the world who you are and what you love"

"THE ATTIC 2K19", the Founder's Day celebration by the Department of Interior Design and it was organized by ICAT Chennai students on 26th Aug 2019. Visitors from various departments and outsiders came to the exhibition. They were enlightened to see our student’s hard work and also encouraged them with positive responses & feedback.

The crowd especially understood the real meaning of designing and also its role in interior spaces. On the whole, it was an extraordinary day of experience!!!

Interior design is an art & science of creating an aesthetically pleasing environment. Following this quote, our students used elements like shapes, colors, and textures for wall designing. Our students, as a team, took around two weeks to make this great show. They contributed all their ideas, talent, big effort & finally nailed it.