Board Game Showcase 2017 of ICAT, Hyderabad

Year 1 students of Interactive Media (Game Design and Development & Game Programming) developed challenging Board games as part of their curriculum, targeting the audience of different age groups. The students showcased their games to the real-time audience, school students of 'Bethel Sennett High School, Saroor Nagar, Hyderabad', on 29 Nov, 2017.

The school students found the games to be interesting and very useful, as the games were designed in such a way to develop skills, such as strategic thinking, easy calculation, motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving and decision making, among the players.

Our students explained their games well to each player, in a way that each one could understand. The school students enjoyed the games and gave their feedback about each game, which helped our students better understand the pros and cons of their creation and improve their game designing skills.

Overall, the event gave our students a clear outlook on audience expectations, their likes and dislikes. We are sure this would be a great start for the students in their gaming career.

Student's Feedback:

"We showcased our PCTCM projects (Board/Life Size games) at Bethel Sennitt High School, Saroor Nagar, Hyderabad.

We were provided with few students from each class based on our intended target audience. They started playing soon after we explained the gameplay of our games to them, we recorded the time taken to complete the game, asked them to fill up the details in our feedback forms, talked to them about their experience and took some suggestions from them on adding few other design elements into the games.

Their feedbacks helped us to understand the actual mentality of the players, which will help us to set the target audience wisely in our future projects. The feedbacks also helped us in realizing the pros and cons of some of our game ideas and their practical applications." Rohith

"Started the module PCTCM with no knowledge about game development or how a game should be. In PCTCM, I learned how a game should be like, how to communicate with player through the game, how to make the player feel and enjoy the game and how we should design the game for a particular age group. In the end, we had to showcase our game to people. I saw players enjoying the game, which made me feel very proud. Getting the reviews, negative or positive, I had to make changes to the game according to that. Overall, it was a great experience. It was like my first step towards game development." Probeer

"PCTCM module was fairly a newer course, and I had no knowledge in this module. We started off this module with random things and then we had to make our own game idea based on the random things that were given to us. It was a fun and unique experience, and then again, I had a chance to know about the different game ideas on the same objects that were given. Then we were told to maintain a visual journal for an upcoming project, which was to make our own board game. We had to create our own board game and we had to come up with our own ideas that are not plagiarized. It was a unique journey, from researching to ideating to creating. It was a fun and knowledgeable experience altogether. We then had to showcase our board games in a school. This was particularly tricky, as I didn't know how others would react to my game in general. But I got a very good feedback. The players loved the game, and it was a happy day for everyone!" Adithya

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