Broadcasting and Sound Recording

A full-day workshop on ‘Broadcasting & Sound Recording’ was conducted at ICAT - Bangalore, by Mr. G.V. Somashekhar, Recording Engineer and Studio Consultant. The workshop was conducted on 4 December, 2015, for the students of UG L5 VFX and Animation, and PG VFX.

Mr. G.V. Somashekhar explained about the different types and channels of media, and how recording and broadcasting is done in the industry. He also played his recordings, including theme music, movie songs and concerts. In the evening, he showed various equipments like different types of mic, mixer, recordings, etc, and explained how each equipment work.

The students were very happy and learnt many things from the session. They requested Mr. Somashekhar to conduct more sessions in the near future and also requested for a visit to the sound studio and a live broadcast. Finally, there was a Q&A session, where the students asked many questions and clarified their doubts in this area.

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