Facilities & Infrastructure

At ICAT, we provide an optimal environment that enables students to accomplish the objectives of their course of study. We provide a wealth of industry-standard equipments, software, tools and machines that aids in par real-time work practice.


ICAT has large spacious classrooms that can accommodate between 30 to 60 students. A digital projector connected to the instructor's system is also available in every classroom.

Facilities & Infrastructure - Class Room

Digital Lab

ICAT has large spacious air conditioned Labs where every student works on an independent cutting edge PC with high-end graphic cards, large hard drives and equipped with all necessary software. The labs also offer numerous general-purpose software packages and tools.

Facilities & Infrastructure - Digital Lab


The library offers a variety of information sources from textbooks and periodicals to international database and access to the Internet. Students can also access information from electronic sources including databases, full text journals, newspapers, abstracts and a host of global resources in the library. College also has institution membership of British Council Library and American Library.

Facilities & Infrastructure - Library

Seminar Hall

The seminar hall can accommodate approximately 200 – 250 students. The space is air conditioned and equipped with projector, sound system and internet connection. Hence suitable for conducting any seminars and workshops.

Facilities & Infrastructure - Seminar Hall

Chroma Key Studio

The college has its own studio floor with Green/Blue Matte equipped with latest digital HD Camera, studio lights and accessories. The studio has an adjoining Post Production Lab.

Facilities & Infrastructure - Chroma Key Studio

Post - Production facilities

College has post production studio equipped with editing suit with digitizing facilities.

Art Studio

The college has number of art studios with drawing tables, Light Box, with facilities for live modeling and abundance of natural light essential for art environment.

Facilities & Infrastructure - Art Studio

Design Studio

Design Studio with big tables, cutting mats and plenty of lights and space to move around is another essential part of ICAT.

Facilities & Infrastructure - Design Studio

Miniature Studio

This is another essential learning environment for ICAT student pursuing design or Digital media. As this is where they can use all sorts of materials to create miniature models, sets, prototype, mock ups, with natural lights all around, working tables and sculpting tools to work with.

Facilities & Infrastructure - Miniature Studio

Student Lounge

A space for students to relax and socialize over break and play for fun with access to latest gaming consoles, home theatre, board games and also some place to seat and work together with friends.

Facilities & Infrastructure - Student Lounge


Canteen is the place where students wind up in groups and creative brilliance reflects. Yes canteen is not only for refreshment, it also is used to sit and write assignments, sometime just to talk, take peers opinion about the project that is going on or even the right place for someone starting a project to go for distributing survey forms as that is where maximum heads can be seen at one time.

Facilities & Infrastructure - Canteen