Capturing the Buzz of Asia's Largest Market

The Visual Communication module is designed towards teaching how a message can be effectively communicated through visuals like Art, Illustration, Photograph and Video. With respect to this, the First year students of VFX department were taken to the Koyambedu Market, on 14 March, 2018, where people from all walks of life can be seen. The activity was to give an opportunity to the students to experiment how a message can be conveyed through photographs.

As one of Asia's largest markets, the market complex had four blocks of 3,000 wholesale and retail shops of flowers, fruits and vegetables. The students captured the colorful Flowers, fruits and vegetables, and the vast emotions of people. The students were able to record the hard work of the vendors and the expressions of buyers. On the whole, it was a great experience for the students.

Following this photography session, the Street Photography Specialist Faculty from the Photography department visited the class to discuss with the students about their experience in the market. He gave his valuable review on the photographs that the students have clicked.

It was really a wonderful experience for the students and they cherish the moments they spent at the Koyambedu Market. It was an opportunity for them to realize that colorful photographs can be taken anywhere, even at the most crowded and busiest place.

Student's Feedback:

“We reached Koyambedu Market in the morning, and felt that it is the right place to learn color combinations and communication through photography. When we tried clicking photographs, we faced lot of challenges like lighting, angles and capturing movements. So this outdoor activity was helpful to understand in real time about lighting, interesting compositions, proportion and different angles in capturing human activities. It was the best opportunity to understand how to overcome challenges in photography and it was interesting to have the Decisive movements. It is not only gaining knowledge, we had a lot of fun too in the trip.”Mr. Guhan

“Koyambedu trip was planned to seek real-time experience in interacting with public and communication through Photography. We captured lot of frames in different views covering different elements. The Photography session that was held the day before the trip was very useful for clicking pictures in different angles. We tried our hands on capturing with Mobile Cameras; and we look forward for a trip with DSLR cameras.”Mr. Gurucharan Srihari

“Trip to Koyembedu was a different experience as we had to interact with general public and the vendors, and take Photographs of them. We took many photographs and on the next day we got feedback for the photographs from the Lecturer, Mr. Anand. This helped us to know about our skills and also where to improve. All together, the trip to Koyembedu was good.”Ms. Aleena

“Koyambedu visit was very useful in interacting with the public and understanding about their lifestyle. We took many photos and understood about lighting techniques and color schemes. This trip was very helpful in improving our photography skills.”Mr. Murali Kannan

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