Chitrotsava 2013 - Short Film Festival

ICAT Bangalore hosted a showcase of short films made by students, depicting various contemporary social issues through experimental narrative techniques at 3.30PM at NGMA (National Gallery Of Modern Art) Bangalore, on Saturday 18th May 2013.

The objective was to create an awareness about the student's films and celebrate the art of film making with the young film enthusiasts of Bangalore.

Inauguration of Chitrotsava was done with the lighting of the lamp by the chief guest Pannaga Bharana, RAH Mrs Varsha Shelar and NGMA Administartor.

PannagaBharana, the chief guest is a son of a legendry Kannada filmmaker T S NagaBharana is a graduate of New York Film Academy. He had directed sevral documentaries, short films and ad films for his father's company "Shruthalaya" and his own "PB Studios". He had also done lot of films as child actor and now he is acting as a villain in his father's upcoming film "Vasundara". Pre production work for his directorial debut "Shivam" is in progress.

The event started with a formal address by Ms. Varsha Shelar, the Head of Academics at ICAT,Bangalore followed by the screening of student's films.

The curtain raiser was the movie "Gilli" made by the Students.

An assortment of films in different categories like 3D animation, Live-action, Stop-motion and Visual Effects were screened. The themes touched upon various social issues such as Dowry, human trafficking, to Women's struggle in a male dominated society, World Hunger etc .Some films beautifully depicted inspiring thoughts of brother hood, Awareness to quit smoking etc. the audience was spellbound throughout the screening. The auditorium was packed with over 200 people comprising mostly of friends, parents and a discerning film loving mature audience typical at NGMA.

Some of the most appreciated films screened in the fest were Siddhu directed by Amol Patil which is a Story about child abuse, Achhan on evils of Alchoholism, World hunger Directed by Vipin Samuel, Hoge Directed by Syed Zeshan inspiring people to quit smoking, Rahaat Directed by Dinesh Agarwal a film depicted in poetic live action form, Lajja Directed by Dikshita Das using shawdow dance concept, with the subtle use of Visual effects and Andhokar directed by Suvojit Das was about dowry menace, in which the entire sequence was shot in one single camera angle.

As the festival reached its mid-point over the evening, the event was beginning to show vital signs after an exciting start. After the screening, the chief guest, Mr. Pannaga Bharana shared his thoughts and appreciation on various films screened at the show and expressed interest in inviting students for his upcoming projects. He specifically mentioned that among the various amateur film fests he had attended so far this was the best.

The show concluded with an award ceremony where "Siddu" won the award for for Best Concept, "Achhan" won the award for Technical Excellence and "World Hunger" won the award for Innovative Visual Treatment The event was a big success in terms of boosting the morale of the students and faculty alike and giving them a good exposure to the different medium of film making. The films screened were an enriching experience for all the film enthusiasts present as an audience. The applause and appreciation of the audience has motivated the organizers of the event to conduct a film festival every year under the name of Chitrotsava.