Seminar on Cinematography by Mr. Sukumar

An interactive seminar on ‘Cinematography’ by Mr. Sukumar, Cinematographer of tamil movies Kumki and Mynna - was organized by ICAT on 30th January, 2013 at the Chennai campus.

Mr. Sukumar started his career as photographer, and then gradually made most of the cinematography works for Director Prabhu Soloman in tamil movies - Mynaa and Kumki. He has created an impression by enhancing a range of camera and the art of controlling light so effectively to produce a gripping look in forest scape.

During the session, he detailed the impact of cinematography in storytelling and the overall workflow. He also explained the technical aspects and the need to take cinematography during pre production stage. Mr. Sukumar advised the students to experiment with their photography and storytelling skills to reflect on film making.

This seminar made a great place for sharing experience from Mr. Sukumar and his sort of cinematography style will come as a welcome addition to the industry as well as the audience.

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