Cocos2D-X Workshop - Chennai

A Renowned Game Developer, Mr.Siddharth Shekar conducted a workshop on the new Cocos2D-X game engine, at the ICAT Chennai campus. The workshop was held, on the 4th and 5th of April, 2014 for around 25 students from the Game Development department.

Mr.Siddharth Shekar explained the primary importance and usage of Mobile technology, including the creation of single class, sprites, collisions, score, time, text, particle effect, AI, UI and importance of global variables in Cocos2D-X. He also taught the use of schedule update, touch functions, creating an animation and spawn enemy functions by random numbers using script. The session further continued on the use of script in Cocos2D-X, in order to go from one scene to another. A detailed explanation was also given on the various resolutions of screens on iPhones, ipads, android smart phones and making a single code to work perfectly in all devices without scaling the images. Mr.Siddharth also focused on the use of various audio formats such as mp3, oog, wav in ipads, iphones, android and windows phones. He further stated the importance of Draw Calls when making games for mobile phones.

He also provided inputs on the use of case-sensitive programming for a better structured program called Camel Casing. He further demonstrated the usage of python, C++ and the functionality of app delegate script and its importance in Cocos2D-X.

Student's Feedback:

The presentation was well delivered and was very good. We were able to understand every topic very clearly. We have gained a good experience through this workshop. We are really pleased as he helped us in developing a game using Cocos2D-X, which was an exciting experience.

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