Collage Making - Workshop

A workshop on ‘Collage Making’ was conducted by Ms. Manidra Naidoo, a renowned Collage Artist/Graphic Designer and Consultant for Spread Design. The workshop was conducted as part of , for the module VCMEP module, on the 26 March, 2018, which was attended by for the L4 and L5 students of Graphic Design dept at ICAT campus.

The whole idea of the workshop was to develop the skill of instant visualization in the students that is a key component for creation of effective graphic designs. Ms. Manidra Naidoo gave Tthe students experienced a wonderful demonstration in regard to on construction and deconstruction in in graphic design. She conducted a There was also a session ion typography using visual fragments collected from visual materials like magazines. The studentsy also got to learn how to assemble an image from various visual sources such as like magazines and journals.

The workshop helped the students to self instigate and develop key concept for a project. concept for a project. The students enjoyed the entire workshop and learnt to quickly and effectively solve a design problem.

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