Seminar on Communication Design by Mrs.Dhanya Gokul - Chennai

Mrs. Dhanya Gokul, Design Consultant and Co Founder of Tan-ta-Dan Design conducted a seminar on Communication Design at the ICAT, Chennai campus on 28th of April, 2014. The session was attended by the 1st and 2nd year UG students of 3D, VFX, Game and Graphic Design departments. The seminar aimed to provide students with an understanding on fulfilling client briefs successfully, through essential practices in visual communication.

Mrs. Dhanya Gokul shared her outlook towards making a design functional for the relevant target audience through the practice of surveys, which gave students an insight into making aesthetically good designs with a purpose. The session concluded with a showcase of branding material for Medimix.

Topics Covered:

  • Addressing Client Requirements: Students were provided with tips on corresponding with clients by understanding client expectations, providing variations in design solutions, using mood boards and understanding the importance of recall value for established brands.
  • Team Work: Mrs. Dhanya Gokul addressed the importance of team contribution based on specialized skill sets and distribution of tasks amongst team members including Product Designers and Animators.
  • Selection of Ideas: Students were advised to focus on short listing ideas based on the potential the concept/design carries.
  • Branding for Medimix: Mrs. Dhanya Gokul concluded the seminar with a showcase of her project with Medimix. The project comprised of branding and packaging material. She also showcased a range of design variations that were provided to the client at the time of production.

Student's Feedback:

Manikandan (2nd year UG, VFX)
I found the session very informative, particularly the use of mood boards during the initial development stage of a project. I also understood the importance of considering client requirements prior to ideation, in order to successfully cater to the relevant target audience.

Jeffrey (2nd year UG, 3D)
The projects showcased comprised good use of design elements, which encouraged me to incorporate similar techniques in my design and development process.

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