Interior Students Visit Construction Site and Mahabalipuram

On 7 March, 2015, I and II year UG students of Interior Design, ICAT, Chennai visited a site at Kelambakkam, Chennai and Mahabalipuram to get a real-time view of the learning in Design and Architectural History & Building Constructions module. The site visit was aimed to explore the low cost construction techniques in real time. The site adopted low cost construction techniques and covered the construction detailing right from Plinth, Walling, Rat – trap bond wall, Concrete block walling, Soil cement block technology, Doors and windows, Lintels and Chajjas, Jack arch roof/floor, Ferro cement channel/shell unit and mud walls.

At the site, the students got a clear picture about masonry construction techniques, construction of mud walls and the use of jack arch roofing systems and its efficiency in terms of low cost, cost effective construction process and good planning and design techniques.

After the site visit, the students along with the accompanied staffs visited Mahabalipuram, where they explored the Architectural History that was also a part of the Design and Architectural History & Building Constructions module. At Mahabalipuram, students visited the shore temple and Arjun Tapas. There they better understood monumental scale, the history behind the monument and the rock cut architectural style of Pallava dynasty. The students sketched few perspectives of the shore temple exploring the monument construction. They also got an idea about the semiotics behind the rock-cut structure.

During both the visits, the students showed great enthusiasm as they learned the architectural style and the pattern of constructions. Also, the understanding of historic styles is sure to act as an inspirational factor for the students to carry out the design process.

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