ICAT Students WON Several Awards at the National-Level Delhi CG Awards 2015

Delhi CG Awards is an annual awards conducted for students and professionals to encourage the talents in the fields of Visual Effects, Animation and Digital Film Making. The awards bring various talented students/professionals from across the country to showcase their talents. The fourth Delhi CG Awards conducted in 2015 was sponsored by leading companies like Autodesk, Canon, Animation Express and MAAC.

Many ICAT Animation and VFX students participated in the Delhi CG Awards 2015 with much confidence and gave a tough competition to all talents from across the nation. With the professional skills practiced by ICAT students, to no surprise, they won several awards for their outstanding works. Here are the awards won by ICAT students:

Category: Live Action
Project Title: Lajja
Name/Department of the Student (s) Dikshita Das, Badal,Niraj Mouriya - Animation
Project Details: This Live Action was a Shadow Dance created as a tribute to all the victims of violence against women. The Live Action is highly effective in instilling the message and a sense of anger and protest in every viewer. It used the best colours and music to intensify the emotion of desperation.
Category: VFX Film
Project Title: The Last Call
Name/Department of the Student (s) Amol Patil, Rethin Lal, Sashidhar HM - Animation
Suvojit Das, Jerome Joy Thoppil - VFX
Project Details: This VFX Film is a teaser that introduces friendly Autobots that are hypothetically characterized as transformers that save India from a destruction.
The Last Call
Category: 2D Animation Film
Project Title: Ding Dong
Name/Department of the Student (s) Kaushik Sampath, Sai Krishna, Syed Zeeshan, Arun PS, Anish H - Animation
Project Details: This 2D Animation Film is an experimental short developed as a public service announcement attempting to popularise an internationally-acclaimed and miserably-failed "Bell Bhajao" movement, which intends to stop domestic violence.
Ding Dong
Category: Infographics and Branding Illustration
Project Title: Farmer’s Suicide
Name/Department of the Student (s) Srinath S - VFX
Project Details: This is an infographic presentation that delineates various causes, effects and solutions for the problem of farmers’ suicide in our country.
Farmer’s Suicide
Category: Live Action (Professional Category)
Project Title: Madhuram
Name/Department of the Student (s) Jerome Joy Thoppil - VFX
Project Details: This Live Action is a slice of life narrative between two characters who are at opposite ends on the scale of age. The live action pivots around "Madhuram", literally means ‘sweetness’ in Malayalam.

Congrats to all the Winners and All the Best for Future Endeavours!