Digital juice Visits ICAT Campus, Bangalore

"Attitude determines Altitude" were the magic words uttered by Mr. Joseph Jayachandran, HR Manager, Digital Juice, Bangalore at ICAT Campus on 21 November 2012. Digital Juice, the motion graphics company has been one of the prime recruiters of our ICAT students in the recent years with more than 25 students already working for the organization. The HR team of Digital Juice visited our ICAT campus our give an overview of the career opportunities in the field of motion graphics for students in various pathways such as Visual effects, Animation & Gaming.

It was a fully packed ICAT Auditorium that witnessed the show reels of the Digital Juice, screened by Mr.Joseph and also interacted with him on various employment related queries in the field of motion graphics. During his short speech and as well as the interaction with the students he insisted the need for a positive attitude of the students towards employment. He insisted that students should be ready to put in longer hours of work during their budding stage of their career without worrying too much about the financial returns. He also insisted on the need for an appropriate demo reel and practice in the relevant software, that would fetch them a job in the motion graphics field. He also gave some important tips regarding the making of a motion graphics demo reel, which was very useful for any aspiring motion graphics student. Mr. Joseph also added that it was the performance of the ICAT students, who reinforced the thought of hiring freshers for the field of motion graphics animators. It was quiet evident that the students enjoyed the presentation a lot given the fact that there were lot queries raised by the students during the interactive session. The session was arranged by Mr. Raja Reddy and Mr. Arjun, our proud ICAT Bangalore alumni and also the Digital Juice employees.

The seminar was certainly a milestone in ICAT's ever growing relationship with Digital Juice.

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