Drishtikon Exhibition

Photography Department of ICAT Design and Media College, Chennai organized a Photography exhibition under the title called ‘“Drishtikon”’ on 26th April, 2018.

India's first Surf Photographer and Global GoPro ambassador, Mr. Rammohan Paranjape inaugurated the exhibition followed by this workshop session on “Surf Photography”. He was so happy to see the works asof our students that were pertaining to have delivered great photographs under various genres:. Travel, Landscape, Street, Portrait, and , Fashion and morewere the main genres. The guest He appreciated the students for such a great involvements &and passion. The and later students were also happy enough to interact with the well-experienced personality like Mr. Rammohan.

Mr. Rammohan, as part of this workshop, shared his real-life experience along with in some adventurous travels. He was also kind enough to share some important things, such as idea behind surf photography, research works, obstacles, hurdles and precautionary steps to have a break- free journey in photography with the students.

The entire journey of Rammohan became was very inspirational to all the students. After the session was over, the students gifted a special photograph with best wishes to Mr. Rammohan. Overall, the students spent quality time with the guest.

Students and faculties from various other departments visited the works exhibited and gave appreciative feedback to students.

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