Educational Trip to DakshinaChitra

The Interactive Media Students of ICAT Design & Media College, Chennai went on a one-day trip to DakshinaChitra on 4th of April, 2018. The trip was aimed to conduct first hand research on various states’ cultures like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andra Pradesh. It was a very good opportunity for the students to develop their understanding on different people’s cultures and life style.

DakshinaChitra exhibits the life styles, variety of furniture, different types of wooden materials, houses of different cultures, rock buildings, clay building with roofs made up of husk, statues of God and Goddess of different religions, materials made of ceramic, clothing styles of different religions and the materials and different weaving machines used to create these clothing, Artif, Pottery, Art gallery of Rupak Munje, pot making by using clay materials and many other traditional things. Students enjoyed seeing them all and understanding the different cultures. The students also saw lots of things that were kept for sale, like old board games, clothes and statues.

Overall, it was a great experience for the Interactive Media students to know various cultures and life style that will help them to develop a more open-minded personality.

Student's Feedback:

"It is a beautiful place. It is a perfect place for an outing. You can engage yourself with various activities like painting, handkerchief printing, pottery and many more. It is worth to visit. You can spend some peaceful time. Enjoy it!" SUDHARSAN U, L4 GDD

"Yes I enjoyed the workshop a lot, it was another way of learning. I gained good knowledge through the presentations made and working as part of a team"Haameed Mohammed,L4 Graphic Design

"Overall experience of the trip to DakshinaChitra was amazing. The trip was so fun and so excited. It will be one of the memorable days of my life. I got to know a lot of things about South Indian culture and its heritage." MAHFUZ AHMED, L4 GMD

"The trip was very educative. We saw lots of new things that were very good to see. The things were so inspirational. The place has many cultural things, which motivated us to do more research on cultural activities. It showcases the cultural activities of the Sothern states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andra Pradesh. We saw lots of the things that were kept for sale. We also saw old-age board games for sale. Those games inspired us to make our own board game. The place was covered with trees. This made us feel so fresh. The place also had very tasty foods for an affordable price. Overall, the experience was good and great. Waiting for more trips like this!"RAJESH,L4 GMD

"We went on our first college trip to a heritage museum and it was awesome. That place gave us a vintage feel like olden days. There were many different states’ cultures like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. They had all the olden things that were used by our ancestors. The place was well maintained and clean. We researched a lot and came to know about various types of arts. It was fun. Waiting for the next trip!"MOHIT JAIN,L4 GDD

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