Edutaining Trip to Kerala

Interior Department students of ICAT Design & Media College on 26 March, 2018, started for Kerala from Chennai. Strolling through the amazing view of the hills in the ranges of Ooty, they had a blissfull journey to Wayanad, Kerala. After loads of beautiful scenery and greenery, the students entered the bamboo village set up in a jungle.

The place where the workshop was to be conducted had the most beautiful artifacts made out of bamboo, all hung on a wall. After a brief introductory session with the workshop staff, the students headed for the dinner in a perfect ambiance - in the jungle, under the orange sky, with a view of the sunset.

With all the excitement, the next day was all about the beautiful, sustainable material: Bamboo. The students were first taught to take out bamboo reeds from the raw material. They were all stunned to know that bamboo is as strong as steel, for it has a good tensile strength and that it has been announced as the future material of India. The facts discussed about bamboo made the students more attracted towards it. They were then taught to make lampshades with a weaving technique. Thanks to the coordinative staff over there.

On the next day, the team headed towards Calicut and reached Kiara Lightings. Stunning lights! It was a great experience for the students to know about the different materials they use for lights. One good experience with the De Earth firms’ architect was really useful. The students were given the opportunity to clear all our doubts. These two things served as a very cool learning experience for all of us.

Traveling the whole night, the team reached Kochi at 4 in the morning. There the students visited the India’s largest mall - The LULU Mall, where the students enjoyed doing their retail case study. They also went for shopping with friends.

On the final day, the team set out for a boating in the Malabar Coast. The dolphins and the blue sea filled the eyes with peacefulness.

Everyone wished that the trip had extended for a day or two. The students came with loads of memories which could be relived.

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