Year Article
2021 Field Trip to Phoenix market city
2021 Visit to Chennai International Film Festival by Student
2020 Industry Visit organized by Department of Fashion Design @ ICAT, Bangalore
2020 BCU Convocation 2020
2020 Visit to Radio Active CR 90.4MHz by ICAT VMD Students
2020 Field Trip to Shivanasamudra Waterfalls by ICAT Photography Students
2020 Field trip to Idukki by ICAT Photography Students
2019 Vist to IFFI International Film Festival, GOA
2019 Trip to Gangtok & Darjeeling by Department of Photography
2019 Trip to Kerala by Department of Interior Design
2019 Cricket Tournament 2019 @ ICAT, Hyderabad
2019 Blood Donation Camp @ ICAT, Bangalore
2019 Industry Visit to Chandapura by Interior Design students of ICAT, Bangalore
2019 Field Trip to Mahabalipuram by VFX student of ICAT, Chennai
2019 Industrial Trip to Tirupur by Fashion Design Students
2019 Industry Visit to Invent Architects
2019 Industry Visit to Mysore Silk Weaving Factory by ICAT, Bangalore Fashion Department
2019 Student Council Election 2K19
2019 Industry Visit to BOT VFX by ICAT students
2019 10th Convocation Ceremony of ICAT
2018 PCTCM Board Game Showcase - 2018
2018 PCTCM Board Game Showcase to External Jury
2018 Industrial Visit to Ken Interactive Pvt Ltd by Game Design and Development Students
2018 Field Trip to Golconda Fort by Multimedia and Visual Media Students
2018 Outdoor Visit to Kothapet Fruit & Vegetables Market by Multimedia and Visual Media Students
2018 Educational tour to Semmozhi Poonga by VFX Dept Students
2018 Field Trip to Goa by ICAT Student, Bangalore
2018 Field Trip to Nehru Zoological Park by Media Technology and Visual Media students
2018 Field Trip to Vishveshwarya Industrial and Technological Museum
2018 Field Trip to Salar Jung Museum by students
2018 Study Trip to Nehru Zoological Park by Animation Department
2018 Field trip to Ramoji Film City by VFX Department Students
2018 OUTDOOR DAY TRIP by Graphic Design Department
2018 Art Activity at Mahabalipuram by First Year Students
2018 Education Trip to Dakshinachitra
2018 Visit to Game Parlor by Interactive Media Students
2018 Live Sketching at Golconda Fort, Hyderabad
2018 Visit to Indian Photography Festival
2018 Live Study of Animals at Bannerghatta National Park
2018 Outdoor Sketching at Nehru Zoological Park
2018 Industrial Visit to Game Studios
2018 Visit to Art Gallery
2018 Industrial Visit to Green Gold Animation Pvt
2018 Visit to "ATF KIDS' SUMMIT 2018", Hyderabad
2018 VFX Dept. Visited Golconda Fort
2018 VFX Dept visits Bannerghatta Biological Park
2018 Foundation Program Showcase @ ICat Hyderabad
2018 Envision Exhibition
2018 Capturing the Buzz of Asia Largest Market
2018 Exploring the Artistic Resources of Kanchipuram
2018 Drishtikon Exhibition
2018 Showcase of Green Carnival Games
2018 Edutaining Trip to Kerala
2018 Heritage Study Trip to Goa
2018 9th UG Convocation at ICAT Design and Media College
2017 Photography Tour to Nepal
2017 Photography Tour to Rajasthan
2017 VFX Students Tour to International Film Festival
2017 Board Game Showcase 2017 of ICAT, Hyderabad
2017 Board Game Showcase 2017 of ICAT, Chennai
2017 'Fabric and Trim Sourcing' trip to Delhi and Jaipur
2017 Board Game Showcase 2017 of ICAT, Bangalore
2017 Earth Day Celebration with Carnival Games
2016 8th Convocation Ceremony 2016
2016 Photography Tour to the State of Ancient Forts and Desert Dunes
2016 Gandikota PhotoTrip
2016 Kasimedu and Pondicherry PhotoTrip
2016 Convocation Ceremony 2016
2016 Students Visit to Singapore
2016 Students Showcase their Games at Madras Market Mini Carnival
2015 Photography Students Get their Best Shots at Himalayas
2015 Showcase of Board Games by ICAT Students Excites Young Minds
2015 Blood Drive @ ICAT Bangalore
2015 Contribution of ICAT, Hyderabad Students at NGDC 2015
2015 ICAT Organizes “Sand Art and Live Sketching” Event at Marina Beach
2015 Make Your Own Ganesha” Contest @ ICAT, Chennai
2015 Film Club Activity @ ICAT, Hyderabad
2015 Interior Students Visit Construction Site and Mahabalipuram
2014 Students’ Showcase of Life-Size Games, Chennai
2014 Display of Life-Size Games in School, Hyderabad
2014 Pencil Box - Student Showcase 2014 at ICAT, Bangalore
2014 Game Carnival at Jalvihar (Theme Park), Hyderabad - 2014
2014 Green Carnival by ICAT, Chennai - 2014
2014 Movie club event - 2014
2013 Gamayana The Epic Battle
2013 Game Dock 2013
2013 MEDIA QUIZ - Bangalore
2013 Street Photography At Pondicherry
2013 Placement Orientation Program for Visual Effects, Animation and Game Students
2013 CUBE Exhibition
2012 Rhythm & Hues Studio Visit - Hyderabad
2012 Blood Donation Camp 2012 - Bangalore
2012 ICAT - Creactivity 2012
2012 ICAT at Rangashankara Theater Festival
2012 Clay Modeling 2012
2012 Under Graduate Show-2012
2012 Birmingham City University Collaboration With ICAT
2012 Outdoors 2012 - Vandaloor zoo visit
2012 Game Grind
2012 Games Club
2012 Teachers Day
2012 In2Game Tournament
2011 Creactivity 2011
2011 Painting Competition
2011 Game Grind
2011 Cricket Match
2011 Graduate Showcase
2011 Under Graduate Show-2011
2011 Game Club Tournaments
2011 Graduate Convocation
2011 6th Post Graduate Convocation Ceremony
2011 Rangoli
2011 Nature Club
2011 Badminton Tournament
2011 Animal & Birds Sketching
2011 Game Fest
2011 Outdoor - Children Park
2011 ICAT Champion League
2011 Making of Movie and Screening
2011 "Shaping India" Walkathon
2010 Children's Day Celebration
2010 PG Convocation Ceremony
2010 Graduation Show
2010 Exhibition