Journey in Game Designing

On 24th March & 25th March 2010, Image college of arts & animation technologies(ICAT), Bangalore & Chennai, hosted a workshop on Fundamentals of Game Designing by world renowned Game Designer Mr. Ernest Adams. Author, co-founder of the international game developers association and a regular lecturer at the game developers conference, Mr. Adams is the creator of EA NFL series & other big game titles such as STALKER, Third Degree and Shadow of Chernobyl. He has worked for many large game publishers & developers like EA, Sega, Ubisoft, Bioware corp. etc.

The objective of the workshop was to understand and develop concept creation for video games & the process of developing a good game design; this workshop also focused on the theme research & visualization for games, and covered the structure of standard game design pipeline.

Mr. Adams gave a brief introduction of the basic & advanced principles of game design, various game play modes, interaction modes, camera models, game structures & game mechanics & game challenges, he also showed various games to describe the subjects, and elaborated on the principles of game story telling & interaction with game players.

After a presentation on Fundamentals of Game Designing, he grouped the participants in teams of four & assigned the game concept, based on which the participants designed their own games based on the pipeline and guidelines set by Mr. Adams. This workshop also played a vital role to understand the role of Lead designer, Mechanics designer, Art Director and the UI designer in the gaming industry. The workshop went on for four hours, at the end of which the team leaders presented their game design concepts.

Apart from ICAT students & staff the workshop was attended by participants from Gaming companies in Bangalore & Chennai like Tata Elxsi, Digital chocolate, SRTC, Soft Team Solutions, Gurudrona, Krish Cricket & Knowledge adventure.

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