Seminar by “King Kong” maker - Christian Riversp

Christian Rivers joins a long list of illustrious visitors to ICAT. The College has been at the forefront of Digital Media education and has been bringing outstanding members from the Academic and Professional segment to share their expertise with its students.

Christian Rivers is an Academy Award and BAFTA winning visual effects art director and filmmaker from New Zealand. He won the Oscar in 2005 for Best Achievement in Visual Effects for his outstanding work in King Kong and earlier won the VES Award for Best Effects Art Direction for his work on “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers”. Mr. Rivers has extensive knowledge of Animation & Visual Effects and has worked as a conceptual illustrator, storyboard artist, art director, character designer, sculptor, pre-visualization supervisor and creative director.

Christian Rivers explained in detail on the complex processes that were involved in the making of the Academy Award winning animated movie “King Kong”. Students posed technical questions which were answered by the master animator.

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