Seminar on Acting

On 6th Jan 2011, Image College of Arts and Animation Technologies (ICAT), Chennai, hosted a Seminar on Acting by Joanne Greenberg an internationally renowned theatrical artist who joins a long list of impressive visitors to ICAT. The College has been at the forefront of Digital Media education and has been bringing outstanding members from the Academic and Professional segment to share their knowledge with its students.

Joanne Greenberg is a theatrical artist for 30 years and directed over 50 theatre productions. She has 33 years of experience in teaching acting and literature. The workshop was indeed quite enlightening for the students. Different aspects of acting were covered during organized session times. Most of the fundamental principles of theater acting apply for animation too and the lecturer seemed be well informed and emphasized was given to Body language, eye contact, universal gestures for clear communication and conflicts. These are some of the basic ingredients for a story and since most of the UG and PG students are going to make their own short films with characters in their stories, all the principles discussed during the lecture are going to be useful for their project when implemented properly. The workshop was very interactive and a lot of theoretical concepts were discussed in a much more practical way and the students were given tasks and assignments during the class to kindle their spontaneity and creativity. Overall it was quite enjoyable and a great valuable seminar.

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