Fun Workshop for Faculties

A fun workshop was organized for the faculty team of ICAT, Chennai, by the ICAT Senior Faculties: Mr. Peter, Mr. Murugesan, and Mr. Praveen Jacob on 31 March, 2018. The workshop was aimed to establish fellowship among the faculties of different departments. The workshop deployed the universal language of art and design to help the faculties get to know each other better and get connected irrespective of their department.

The faculties who attended the session were grouped in to small individual groups. Mr. Peter kick started the workshop with a logo designing activity, in which a faculty should consider another faculty as a product and create a logo design. He also showcased few sample logos, and some of his previous works.

Post lunch, Mr. Praveen and Mr. Murugesan came up with a new task of creating a creative collage work with paper cuttings from old magazines and news journals based on a chosen topic.

The group activities were of great fun and made the faculties get along well. Also, it was a big stress buster doing such creative works.

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