The Fashion Show - iMIENS 2018

The start of the new Fashion era at ICAT Design and Media College, showcasing the creations of its graduates in 2018 and those of graduates who became recognized designers during the show iMIENS 2018.

Produced by ICAT Design and Media College and Image Groups, lead by Mr. Kumar, Founder & Managing Director of IMAGE Groups, Mr. Madhan, Operations Director of IMAGE Groups; Mr. Anand, Technical Director of IMAGE Groups; and other Board of Directors, along with the college Dean Mrs. Lakshmi Kumar; the event took place on 25th August 2018, at Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao concert hall of the Lady Andal school Auditorium. The students and the faculty of various departments were able to see scrolls the creations of the Fashion Designing Graduates; Chennai 13 designers Bangalore 10 designers.

The creations and the 132 outfits that were presented, will find their destiny between contingency and coincidence, between accidental and random, between unpredictability and mystery... but certainly will not be born... by chance. Research of material, lines and colors, transfer games, variation of symbol and meaning… The mastery of the indomitable has become one of the constants of contemporary art, fashion will have a say and the imagination have had the full powers in this fashion showcase.

A fashion show is a show where artistic creativity is expressed in an original combination of shapes, colors and materials. For the craziest ideas to come true, you have to be talented, but also have your feet on the ground. With Fashion Showcase, the institution is inspired by the many possible trajectories from the end of the course and proposes an effervescent parade-show which illustrates, through an astonishing scenography, that the end is often only the beginning.

Students, Parents and the dignitaries of the evening also had the chance to admire the creative projects of students and graduates of ICAT Design and Media College, in a facility in the heart of Phase. With Mrs India Preethi Kitchappan and Mr.G. Venkatram India’s leading commercial photographer. The College has been propelling young talents in fashion design and marketing, nationally and internationally.