Field Trip to Goa by ICAT Student, Bangalore

The Goa trip was organised for the L5 and L6 student of Graphic Design Bangalore campus, from the 9 to the 14 of October 2018. The focus of trip was to study culture and diversity of Goa for their upcoming module CMP for L5 students and understand the nature of Advertising in context for the L6 students, which also included a photography assignment of colonial architecture and vintage type face identification. The trip included to visits to north and south Goa on the first and second day of our arrival, we also had a city walk around Margao on the 3rd day where we explored the old goan architectural structure and vintage typographical boards. On the final day it was a day of rest as we had the final schedule to travel back to Bangalore. Altogether it was great trip as this has been the very first for both the classes for the past three years, the student bonding and proximity to each other has grown after the trip. The student also felt this trip was of great significance as they carried a vast amount of experience that was much required.