Field Trip to Vishveshwarya Industrial and Technological Museum

Students of the Game Art and Design department at ICAT Design and Media College, Bengaluru, were taken to an exciting and edifying trip to the Vishveshwarya Industrial and Technological Museum. The aim of this visit was to inspire students to think of innovative ideas and to understand the challenges that great inventors of our time had to overcome to make their mark in history. Though many would think a visit to a museum that houses historic technological advancements for students from an art and design college wouldn’t be worthwhile, our students made use of the opportunity in surprising ways.

Many students saw the potential of integrating elements of gaming to in complex aspects of technology, to make it fun to learn and explore, often referred to as gamification. After reaching the venue in the morning students were instantly drawn to the historical aspects of many modern marvels, be it the first manned flight or the astounding innovations by the Indian space agency ISRO and contributions made by the former President late Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam that put India on the interplanetary exploration map.

Guided by our faculty Mr. Tapan, students came up with several gamification concepts related to technology and history that they experienced at the museum. Finally, our students returned to the campus by the afternoon.