Field Trip to Phoenix market city

Field trips serve one vital function as far as education is concerned. Field trips link the classroom experience with the outside world. In doing so they not only improve learning, but also give both the learner and educator valued practical experience (Jin and Lin, 2012).

The tour we took to the Phoenix market city mall was an interesting one judging by the varied lessons that we had to receive. The aim of the field trip was to help students with their academics through social participation and to enjoy some friendly time with their classmates and lecturers.

The trip started from ICAT Design and Media College at 10.00 am. 15 students from first year and 3 students from 2nd year were accompanied by 3 lecturers. The students were assigned to take photos from the destination even though the observation perspective of both first year and second year students were different. The aim of first year students was to analyze the factors like typography, signage color, lighting, etc. which can help them with Inter design II assignment. Second year students were analyzing typography, color, logos, etc. The students were split into groups to explore the destination. The experience was not only academically helpful but it also helped students to a good time with their classmates. At the end of the trip students affirmed that the trip to Phoenix Market city was a tremendously optimistic experience for them.

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