Field trip to Ramoji Film City by VFX Department Students

ICAT Design and Media college VFX department have made an incredible trip to the city of Hyderabad; an opportunity co-organized by the same establishment for the benefit of the VFX students, for the understanding of live set creation.

The trip that began on 27th September 2018 date in which the UG and the PG VFX students traveled by train to Hyderabad. The instance contemplated the visit to the famous Ramoji Film City, however, the trip continued with various iconic places across the city capital such as Charminar and the science museum. ICAT Design and media college dedicated to offer learning experiences that facilitate the integration processes and the development of art and live set creation, which indeed would help them in creating miniature set models for their academic career.

On this occasion, the students were very engagingly and co-operative to learn the art of producing a film atRamoji Film City. It is a good learning experience to take a group of students to Hyderabad as a learning trip.