Film Club Activity @ ICAT, Hyderabad.

Every year ICAT Hyderabad has been conducting film club. This year our team members have decided that they will give new perspective about film education in film club activity. The main objective of this was to promote the study of film as an art,. to encourage the creativity of the young talents to think in a different way and to promote the research in cinema.

The day started from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm on 29 August, 2015 in ICAT, Hyderabad campus. The students were divided in to 6 teams to participate in an activity called INSTASTORY in which student would have to create a story by seeing random visuals and headlines in the Newspaper. The winners of the competition were judged based on the criteria such as continuity, plot, and believability of the story. Faculties from various departments acted as judges and explained how each team performed and gave feedback on how they can improve the story telling at the end of the competition. Thought this activity our students learned about how to narrate the story with random information that they see in their surrounding, it will help in further class especially in story-boarding, script writing and also visualization. ICAT Hyderabad has planed year long creative activities such as INSTASTORY and hope to see more extraordinary content from our students.

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