From Design Pro to Ad Pro by Mr P.Thomas

A seminar on the topic “From Design Pro to Ad Pro” by Mr.P.Thomas from Disha Communications was held on the 23rd of January, 2013. Students from various streams attended and benefitted highly from this informative session.

Mr.Thomas gave us an insight into advertising and put the concept into the new perspective of Market Communication. He stressed on the fact that what the consumer is looking for is not only good idea or a good design, but also a solution to the problems he faces in his everyday life. This way he helped us visualize from the point of view of a consumer.

Students were shown the ads made for ICAT and Image which were used as case studies to emphasize the importance of a brief and the way a brief is translated into an advt. They were also taught how to construct a brief and what key questions have to be answered in a good brief. Ads with minor glitches were also shown to explain the dos and don’ts of advertising and the problems that are faced by advertising professionals due to client pressure. The seminar was concluded by giving students an opportunity to showcase their talents by constructing a brief and making an ad for the same.

It can be said without any doubt, that the session was very enlightening and made students feel enthusiastic about the future in store!

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