‘Game Art’ Workshop

A five-day, hands-on workshop on Game Art was organized by the Interactive Media department of ICAT, from 20th to 24th of November, 2017. The students of L5, L6 UG and M.Sc. Game Technology participated in the workshop. It was conducted by Mr. Minnal Kuppasamy Raghu, Senior Game Artist of Qneuro Ind Pvt Ltd, Chennai. The workshop aimed to provide the knowledge of game art and help the students to learn different techniques used in the industry.

Mr. Minnal Kuppasamy Raghu covered many topics like creating and working on a concept art, choosing colors for the buttons and UI, converting gray scale into color art, easy tricks for portrait drawing and so on. He explained the game art views like Perspective view, Orthographic view, First person view and Third person view. He also explained many easy and quick ways to complete tasks that are now applied by many companies. He further explained the use of pen table and cleared students’ doubts on the current industry trends and techniques used. Overall, it was very useful to our students.

Student's Feedback:

"This workshop was very useful to me. Through this workshop, I learnt how to work with layer mask, grid drawing, gray scale and gradient, and had a hands-on experience in creating very attractive buttons." Anandhu J S, L6 GMD

"I found it useful. I learned about creating 3D depth without the use of filters. Got to know about isometric angle in games and logo designs."Vijay Ganesh, L5 GDD

"The workshop was very useful to me. I learned to create landscapes, buttons and isometric drawing."Tamilarasu.R, L5 GDD

"A very valuable workshop. Learnt so many things about art, perspective, landscape, character design (2D) and isometric drawing."Vignesh S, L5 GDD

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