Game Designing Workshop - ICAT Chennai

Mr.Prem Sellakumar-Game Designer from TCS came here to gave interactive workshop about Game Designing. He is currently the Lead Game designer in TCS. He is currently been training several game designers and been working with them in team projects. He successfully developed some gamification projects and game projects.

The visit started with an intro speech from the Creative Director of Technicolor, Mr. Sean Muller. He gave the students a clear insight to the industry and to the kind of projects their company is currently handling. Followed by him, the Head of Production Mr. Prabhakar explained the students what the industry is looking for and what the students should focus in their learning and in developing their skill set. Then, there was an interactive session in which students clarified their queries about the industry.

The Students from L4,L5,L6 and PG of Game Design & Art department from our college were attending the workshop and gained workshop experience. As a introduction Mr.Prem gave some introduction about him and his recent projects then he ask the students to give self introduction and the reason to Game Development field. By this the student and Mr.Prem were able to identify different motivations to take up the game development as a career. Starting with the introduction to Game Design field, industry's expectation of Game Designers and the latest trends in today’s technology, the session went really interactive.The students were able to gather several knowledge about the game development filed. He then practically explained about the game development pipeline. He made 3 groups of students and gave different task to each group to make students understand about the work experience and the responsibility of the game designers. Then he explained about Gamification project on which he is been working recently. Gamification means picking a boring or natural day today activity and introduce a gaming elements in it to make it interesting. Then a theme was given to each group and made them to gamify them. Finally, the session ended by discussing about the latest trends and innovation in the technology field and the students now have a broad view about how the industry is working and what they need to concentrate.

The session ended at 4.30pm. Thereafter the students feedback were collected. One of our students, Arun kumar from L4 said that the workshop was very useful and interesting. He learned many things and gained more experience from the workshop.

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