Game Design Workshop

Held at ICAT, Hyderabad; conducted by Mr. Sri Kumar, an alumnus of ICAT. The workshop covered a wide range of topics that were essential for our students, giving them a glimpse of what to expect in the future and what life is going to be like working in the gaming industry.

The students had a lively discussion with Mr. Sri Kumar about the gaming industry in India and how it compares to the gaming industry abroad. Key concepts of game design, such as how a Game Design Document (GDD) and a Level Design Document (LDD) is written in real time and the importance of it in the production process were explored thoroughly. Prominent questions like “WHAT my role is going to be in the production pipeline?”, “What are the benchmarks for a game designer in the industry?”, and “How does gaming culture abroad differ from here in India?” were all discussed with the students along with several other topics like player psychology in games and what is a Mission Design Document and how to write it effectively.

Student's Feedback:

"l had an informative and relatable approach towards understanding game designing and the necessity towards what needs to be done to be on par with the industry’s standards. On the whole, it was a much needed seminar which fulfilled our need to know about the industry." Navjyoth Kumar M S S, L5 GDS

"I learned a lot about player psychology, how things work in the industry and about indie game production and promotion. The whole seminar was interesting and full of useful information."Pranjal Maithni,L5 GDS

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