Game Dock 2011

Game Dock 2011 is a game event which was organized by the Game Department of ICAT, Chennai on December 3rd 2011 (Saturday) for the school students. It was attended by more than 100 students from different schools in Chennai. The theme of the event this year was to educate and entertain students on gaming.

Lots of events were organized for the day, which included – Seminar, Workshops, PC games and Console games and also ICAT students’ game projects was showcased.

Seminar was conducted by ICAT Game Department lecturers - which let the participants know what game development is all about and Quiz was organized by the students immediately after that. It was really amazing to see the depth of knowledge in the young participants.

A Workshop was organized to teach participants how to develop a game by themselves with guidance from students of ICAT. Participants were very happy when they received the game they made in a DVD to take home when they left.

Game events like “Spilt second” and “Counter strike” was arranged, which the participants played on PC and the winners were awarded with cash prizes and certificates. Participants were also introduced to the gaming devices like Console games in Wii, XBox and PS3, and game competitions were organized on the same.

ICAT students’ Game projects was showcased and discussed in length by the students of ICAT to educate participants on how a game is made

Finally a Workshop on “Game Level design” was conducted where ICAT game students explained about how different levels are created in a game.

Participants had a fun filled memorable day and had plenty of questions on the process of game making answered by the students and academics of ICAT. Event truly was awesome and left a strong impression on bright intelligent young mind of the school kids of Chennai.