Game Founder’s Day Celebrations @ ICAT, Chennai

Our students of ICAT Design & Media College, Chennai, Department of Game, celebrated Founder’s Day on Oct 16th 2019.

On this occasion, our game students have organized and presented the department show-case in the title "LEVELUP"

LEVELUP exhibited the Art & Game shows, the show had most outstanding works of the students. The Art show displayed various art works including poster design, pixel art, character art, digital art, modelling, spray painting and lot more. On the other hand, the Game show had great impact on players, who played the games which was innovated and developed by our students. The invitees got gamified with Virtual Reality, PC, Mobile games developed in different themes and genres, especially the Horror VR and Puzzle games. Staff and Students from various departments have participated, experienced and appreciated our students creative work with feedback notes.

At the end, We concluded the event with the Prize Distribution to honour the Game Tournament winners of TARDO'19.

It was yet another Day of Game!!!