Halloween Celebration 2018 @ ICAT, Chennai

The 'Night of the witches' is celebrated every year on the 31st of October. Pumpkins, Candies, Ghosts, Witches, Costume parties, Face painting are the protagonists of the darkest evening/night. 

The night of October 31 is Halloween. Although the party takes place in different corners of the world, but it is true that at ICAT Design and Media college, Chennai, bundles it with fun and creative together. The whole college celebrates  with decoration, contests, parties and of course better disguise… Students dress up in disguises of terror to celebrate the most terrifying party throughout the day.

At ICAT Design and Media College a series of interactive events have become very fashionable providing a space for the students to celebrate the evening together with laughter, food, good friendship and so, remember everything what it means to be a student. The parties began with the events, Pumpkin Carving, Face painting it all got spiced up with Photography session and the food stalls to fill the night with fun and laughter.

Halloween is celebrated due to Irish immigrants who introduced it in the 18th century in the USA, where it was massively celebrated for the first time in Minnesota (1921). Its internationalization took place in the '80s with cinema and television. Catholics reorient the celebration with elements such as masks and costumes that ridicule the evil and away from our practices and, above all, recover the importance of living in the style is Halloween.

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