Nature Club – Haritha Haram

It is obvious that, we humans are the products of our environment. But we have always neglected the importance of our physical atmosphere and there seem to be no realization of our mistakes until someone takes up the responsibility to initiate the en-generation of our mother land. In order to teach the critical attitude of social consciousness, ICAT Hyderabad served "The Harita Haram", the call of Mr. Kalvakurthi Chandrasekhar Rao, Honorable chief minister of Telanga state through driving young Icatiens to empower the city soil.

Despite of computational inconvenience due to the city bandh on September 2nd 2015, ICAT students did not back off from what had committed for nearly 30 passionate students from various disciplines brought their plants to RADHA Institute of Mentally retarded and each student offered subsequent commitment to take care of the plant until it grows in to an independent& healthy tree. Though this kind of activities are familiar In ICAT campus life, the extent they reached so far is quite remarkable. Hoping to serve our society better through our education and social awareness activities. ICAT Hyderabad.

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