Holi Celebration 2024 @ ICAT, Bangalore

ICAT Design and Media College radiated with the vibrant spirit of Holi as students, faculty, and staff came together to celebrate this ancient Indian festival of colors on March 25, 2024, . Against the backdrop of the college ground, a jubilant atmosphere prevailed, echoing with laughter, and music. The festivities commenced with the traditional throwing of colors. Faces lit up with joy as individuals immersed themselves in the playful revelry, each splash of color fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared celebration.

Music formed the heartbeat of the event, with a lively DJ set adding rhythm and melody to the festivities. Students danced embodying the spirit of joy and togetherness that defines Holi. What truly distinguished this celebration was its ability to transcend boundaries and unite individuals from diverse backgrounds. For a fleeting moment, the college community stood as one, bound by the common thread of celebration and camaraderie. Through colors, music, and shared revelry, the event exemplified the college's commitment to fostering community spirit and cultural exchange.

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