HVAC Seminar @ ICAT, Chennai

HVAC seminar was conducted in ICAT, Chennai on 10th October 2019, by Mr.Balaji Dandapani, who is a leading consultant in this field for a very long time. The session was started with the explanation of HVAC, how it helps in controlling the temperature around a place and the benefits of HVAC. The major topics covered – Refrigeration cycle, various categories of Air Conditioners and its application, advantages, and disadvantages, Variable Refrigerant Flow(VRF) and modes of heat transfer.

Being in the field of interior designing, students were understood that wide-cum-depth knowledge in every factor of designing is important. This session also taught the students about how air conditioning and ventilation plays a major role in Interior Design as it is very much related to human comfort, the concept of human comfort is also now trending as per current industry requirement. Human comfort mostly deals with heat and moisture control which controls the temperature in the space.

The overall session on HVAC helps the students in inducing their creativity in customization, based on clients’ comfort and requirements. The seminar was very informative and also motivated the students to think about how to apply it in realism.