ICAT Student Won Second Place @ India Skills Kerala 2020

Inspired from the resounding success of Nypunyam International Skill Summit Fiesta 2016 and India Skills Kerala 2018, Government of Kerala had once again opened up the stage for ‘Battle of Skills’. Titled ‘India Skills Kerala 2020’, the skill competition had arena for celebrating world class excellence in skills and an avenue to the youngsters to showcase their functional and vocational skills. The Vision of the Competition was to create a Platform where every skill can be Showcased and nurtured with collaboration of Industry, Government & Academic.

Mr.Dev B Raj, student of 2nd Year Game Design & Development, ICAT Design and Media College, Bangalore had participated in a ‘India Skills Kerala 2020’ conducted by AWSITC, which is the biggest skill competition held in India. The Skill Competition in 3D Digital Game Art where Mr.Dev B Raj won 2nd prize with 50,000 Cash Price and Silver Medal. Mr.Dev B Raj will represent the state at the national skill competition ‘India Skills 2020’, which will open gates to the 'World Skills Shanghai 2021'.