Industrial Visit and Trip for ICAT Gaming Students

On the 14th of December ‘17, 28 students from Game Art and Design (GAD) and Game Design and Development (GDD) were ushered on with respective department faculties from ICAT Design and Media College, Bengaluru: Mrs. Gayatri, Mr. Santosh Kumar and Mr. Rahul Roy (fondly referred to as Tapan sir by colleagues and students alike) to an exciting college trip and industrial visit. Planned and orchestrated by the respected GAD Department Head and Award Leader, Mr. Sathish, the trip was to visit a blooming indie developer, 99 Games.

The industrial visit to 99 Games was the first item on the itinerary for our students and faculty after reaching the scenic township of Udupi in the morning. This industrial visit gave our students a deep insight into how budding indie companies (independent game developers who develop games without the help of major publishers) sustain, explore unconventional ideas and create games that are different and stand out in the crowd. 99 Games had humble beginnings with a simple chess game that was released back in 2008. With several games now under its belt, 99 Games has a decade of experience that it graciously shared with our students and faculties. Much needed answers that the students sought throughout their academic career were answered by the team at 99 Games.

Industry experts from 99 Games conducted highly informative seminars on ‘Game Design and 3D Arts’ with peeks into their own production processes. Both students and faculties had many knowledge stimulating conversations and open discussions with the team at 99 Games. The industrial visit finally came to a close with a complete tour of the facility at 99 Games, with students getting a visual treat into how production works in the industry.

After the industrial visit was done, the students and faculty went to relax at Malpe beach with outdoor games and to watch the sunset. Far from the city life in Bengaluru, students and faculties got a change at Malpe beach with a scenic sunset and the fresh ocean breeze.

Day 2 started bright and early with our group leaving the hotel at 6.30 a.m. to Mookambike temple in Kollur. Then they went to Kodchadri jeep stand for outdoor trekking. Four jeeps took our entire group up the hill for the trek and most of the students and faculties trekked to the hilltop on foot to reach Adi Shankara Charya Petha at the summit. After enjoying the scenery at the summit and paying their respects at the shrine, the group returned to the jeep stand, where they had their lunch and made their way to the hotel.

On the third and final day of the tour, the group went to Murudeshwara temple, which was about 1 kilometer from the hotel; after which they spent time on the beach. Post lunch, the next stop was Gokarna. The group reached Gokarna just before the sunset, the evening was spent mostly shopping and enjoying at the beach. After dinner, the group started their return journey back to Bengaluru and reached ICAT at 11.30 a.m the following day.

Students and faculties thoroughly enjoyed the industrial visit and tour, and bonded fondly over these three days. College trips are often the only chance most of the students from different levels in their academic career interact with each other together with the faculty and trade ideas and bond over common interests. We at ICAT Design and Media College seek to deliver the best academic experience to our students. This industrial visit and tour was much needed and a refreshing experience for our students and faculties.

Student's Feedback:

"99 Games was a pleasure to visit. Seminars given by everyone was impeccable. Mr. Shodan Karkera (Associate Art Director) gave answers to all our frequently asked questions, which proved his invaluable insight on the industry. He also showed us a peculiar view of users wherein they post their negative reviews, although their devices are not compatible. Along that, they have a good Online Reputations Management." Ekalaya Soni, PG - Game Art and Design

"The industrial visit was an eye-opening experience, where I got to experience industrial approach to game design as well as the richness of the Western Ghats. The early morning sunrise and late night discussions brought us all very close as a team and department from ICAT. All the lecturers were very friendly and gladly joined in the fun."Saahil Kumar Singh, PG - Game Art and Design

"Overall, the entire tour and industrial visit was worth it — met so many professional employees, had a one-on-one conversation with the HR and team lead, and received so much knowledge on what the industry really wants. Had a great time in Udupi; the scenic beauty was mesmerising."- Rishabh Kumar, PG - Game Art and Design

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